Scalar Waves

1. Introduction

Electrical Scalar Waves were discovered by the genious engineer Dr Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who is considered one of the most brilliant scientists ever, author of more than 500 patents, inventor and precursor to many of devices or common use at present.

Prof Dr. Ing K. Meyl (1952-), invented modern version of scalar wave transmission systems, as well as dicovered magnetic scalar waves (Meylians) that drive cellular communication of all organic live systems.

2. What is a Scalar Wave?

Fig 21.12, 22.7, 21.6, 22, freq diagram, extracted from K.Meyl bibliography.

Electrical scalar waves are longitudinal waves , this is, waves that propagate in the direction of electric field vector.

waves from Hertz, Tesla and Meyl

As a counterpart, there are electromagnetic waves, that are transverse, this is, the direction of wave propagation takes place perpendicular to direction of magnetic and electric field vectors.

3. Properties of Scalar Waves

A. Longitudinal propagation

comparision of radio waves

B. Scalar waves cannot be shielded, can pass through matter following a straight line from transmitter antenna to receiver antenna

Scalar waves cannot be shielded, can pass through matter

C. Possibility of wave modulation by frequency and wave length simultaneously, for this reason information transmission is much more efficient and dense, unlike electromagnetic waves that only can me modulated by frequency, since speed is constant, c

D. Scalar waves are more stable the smaller and faster, and very stable at speed higher the 1.618c

E. Scalar Waves are not detected with standard meassurement instruments, since these are based on a constant speed, c, therefore would be necassary more than one hundred meassurement devices to cover the complete range of frequencies and speeds.

F. Variable Propagation speed:
v>c: Neutrino radiation
v=c Photons
v<c Plasma, termal vortices, biophotons, earth radiation
v=0 antenna noise
variable propagation speed

G. Cells of organic systems communicate to each other by means of magnetic scalar waves (Meylians), and to establish cell communication resonance is required, and to ge tinto resonance some conditions must be met:
     i. Same frequency
     ii. Same wave shape (modulation)
     iii. Opposite phase (180º)

nerve conduction

H. Extended wave equation

extended wave equation